Boys Star Wars Costumes – 3 Uncommon Costume Ideas for Boys

There is a large variety of boys Star Wars costumes available if you know where to look. Some are more common than others, but all are fantastic options. In this article, 3 uncommon costume ideas are discussed.

1. Deluxe Clone Trooper: Remember watching Star Wars for the first time and seeing those super cool stormtroopers marching in perfect lines. Before the stormtroopers, were the clone troopers who at the time represented the future of galactic warfare. In Episode II: Attack of the Clones, these troopers were clad in extremely hard white armor and had a distinctive look similar to the stormtroopers, only cooler. For all of those young Star Wars fans out there, there are many costumes to choose from, but the Deluxe Clone Trooper costume is very popular thanks to the prequel movies. While it is not a common costume, like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, boys will enjoy dressing in this costume and march and run around like a galactic warrior.

2. Plo Koon Child Costume: This Jedi Master was not nearly as well known as Yoda, but Plo Koon was a “force” to be reckoned with, no pun intended. Plo Koon appeared in all of the prequel movies as well as the Clone Wars. Recognizable by his alien head that was partially concealed by a face mask. This costume is a hooded and robed costume with belt and boot covers, and makes for an intimidating looking costume. Boys who have seen the movies will no doubt know this Jedi Master, even if he is less common than Yoda. After all, any costume that is very realistic and allows them to yield their favorite light saber is a great costume for young boys.

3. Clone Wars Commander Fox: The Clone Wars is an animated series and Commander Fox is the leader of the clone troopers squad that rescues the senator, Padme Amidala. This costume is one that boys will want for Halloween; take it out trick or treating and then you will be sure to see them dressed in it time and time again just for fun. This costume features the white body armor with unique crimson color accents. These accents make this costume completely unique and boys who are a fan of Clone Wars will have a “blast” with this costume.

In this article we discussed 3 uncommon Star Wars costume ideas. There are so many boys Star Wars costumes to choose from, all of them are fun and exciting to dress up in, but consider the less ordinary costumes for your kids this year.